June 6, 2020

Logan Kane

Logan Kane comes to us from Southern Illinois, by way of San Antonio, TX.  He’s an animal lover with 3 kids that were all rescued.  A rat terrier mix named Pinch, and two cats named Sigur and Tigger.  Logan is a self proclaimed foodie, in the fact that he loves all food.  He also enjoys wine and craft beer.  In his spare time, he likes binge watching TV shows and super scary or super cheesy horror movies.  Some of his favorites are “The Conjuring”, “Event Horizon”, “Tucker and Dale vs Evil” and the entire Sharknado series.  He even has an autographed copy of one of the Sharknado scripts.  Yeah, he’s kinda weird.  But, he can’t wait to talk to you during his show from 3pm-7pm Monday through Friday, and Saturdays from 10a-2p.  Also, a heads up, he’s new to the area, so if he pronounces something wrong, just go with it .