June 23, 2021

Today’s Good News: “Heroines” Chase Bike Thief Over 10 Miles To Help Stranger



Sandra Morellato only put her bicycle down for a minute before watching as a man hopped on and started pedalling away in Montreal, Canada.She started to run after him when two cyclists rode by and she yelled that her bike had been stolen.The two women followed him for more than 10 miles before he crashed into a police car and was arrested. Source: CBC

german shorthair pointer dog

A stolen dog is back home with his owner in Boston after a news crew spotted the alleged dognapper, who stopped to give an interview. Titus, a 13-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer, was taken from a parked car and surveillance footage showed a man walking him over the Boston University Bridge. A news crew later saw the alleged thief walking with Titus and he was arrested, then Titus was reunited with his grateful owner. Source: WHDH



A Pennsylvania man saved his mother’s life by becoming her living organ donor. Mary Anne Straub had fatty liver disease and needed a transplant and her son, Rick Catalonga volunteered to donate part of his liver. The transplant was a success and she jokes that he didn’t need to get her a Mother’s Day present this year since he already gave her a gift that saved her life. Source: Observer-Reporter


A doctor in New York City is sending equipment to hospitals in India to help with their surge of COVID cases. Dr. Ash Tewari sent 25 ventilators and 100 sleep apnea machines with kits to convert them into ventilators. He’s a COVID survivor and he’s from India and after the death of a childhood friend who couldn’t get a ventilator, he was inspired to do something to help. Source: CBS News



Brandon Bair, a former NFL player, saved a driver whose semi-truck was hit by a train in Idaho. The driver was pinned inside and his truck was on fire, but Bair managed to get him out before the entire truck was engulfed in flames minutes later. Bair insists he’s not a hero and says, “All I can say is this guy was supposed to live.” Source: East Idaho News

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