May 11, 2021

Today’s Good News: Marine Reunites With Puppy He Rescued While Deployed

puppy dog


Brandon Carroll was deployed with the Marines in the country of Georgia last year when he found a group of abandoned puppies. The Marines cared for them and fed them and he had an instant connection with one he called Lady. Thanks to the SPCA International, the dog has made her way to the U.S. and has been reunited with Carroll for good. Source: WTOL


When a server at The Glenbrook Brewery in Morristown, New Jersey, got a rude note instead of a tip from a group of diners, the community stepped in to right the wrong. Donations have poured in for Beth the server, around $17-hundred. She only plans to keep some of the money for herself and split the rest among other staff members. Source: Today



A teenager in New Hampshire became a hero after helping to save the life of a West Virginia boy who crashed his ATV live on TikTok. Caden Cotnoir was watching when the accident happened and heard Trent Jarrett calling out numbers after he wrecked. It was his grandparent’s phone number and Caden called to alert them and they sent his parents out to find him. Source: WMUR

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