February 25, 2021

Today’s Good News: Police Cut Wood For Elderly Woman



Officers with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stepped up to help an elderly woman stay warm this winter. They responded to a call at a home in Midway, British Columbia, and found an elderly woman breaking up her furniture to burn in the wood stove for heat. A group of officers came out and chopped, split, delivered and stacked firewood for her to burn instead. Source: Sunny Skyz

virtual class kids teacher parent

Kelly Klein is a kindergarten teacher who’s not letting her cancer treatment keep her from her virtual learning students. The Minnesota woman is in her online classroom every day, even during chemo. She says she wants to show her five- and six-year-old students that people can thrive, even with cancer. Source: CBS News

potato chips


A woman in Detroit is collecting used potato chip bags to help the city’s homeless. Eradajere Oleita uses them to create sleeping bags to help the homeless survive in the brutal winter weather. She explains that the bags’ foil lining reflects body heat and they’re lightweight and waterproof. Source: CNN

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