February 25, 2021

Today’s Good News: Senior Couple Reunited After 11 Months Apart



A couple in White Plains, New York has just enjoyed their first in-person visit since the start of the pandemic. Harriet Shenkman has visited her husband Jerry every day, but had to stand outside the window of his assisted living facility because of coronavirus precautions. He has Alzheimer’s, but hasn’t forgotten his wife of 58 years and they were delighted to reunite after 11 months. Source: ABC7 NY

money plate tip

Fans of rival basketball teams from the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University have started a “Crosstown Tip-Off” and restaurant servers are raking in the tips. Fans of both teams are leaving big tips writing messages of support for their team on the receipt. The latest was the largest tip yet, $4,525 left on a $54.98 bill at The Birch, a wine bar. Source: Fox News



Elijah Mays spent seven years in different foster care homes, but he’s just become an official part of the Mays family. He was adopted by Mandi and Jon Mays, who had been fostering him since 2016. Once he came to live with them, Elijah’s behavioral issues turned around and he’s become a straight-A student. Source: Good Morning America

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