April 11, 2021

Today’s Good News: Snowplow Driver Gets Man To Hospital On Sled


Scott Purkeypyle, a longtime snow plow driver in Camas, Washington, went above and beyond to help get a seriously ill COVID patient to the hospital. He used the largest plow to clear the long and steep driveway, but when it got stuck, he used the family’s old sled to get the man down the driveway to the waiting ambulance. Since then, the man’s tested negative for COVID and is now back at home. Source: Fox 8


A premature one-pound baby born during the recent winter storm in Texas was saved after a team of doctors and nurses drove through snow with equipment to reach her. Baby Zaylynn was born at 24 weeks at a hospital that doesn’t have the special NICU care she required. A doctor and nurses packed a truck with neonatal intensive care unit equipment and brought it to her. Source: Good Morning America



After a New Jersey third-grader broke down in tears during Zoom class because she was starving, her teacher stepped in to get the family help. The student’s mom lost her job and they had no food, so a social worker delivered food for the girl, her mom and two siblings. Since then, donations including six months of groceries, clothing and a car have come in for them and her mom landed a new job. Source: NewJersey.com

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