April 11, 2021

Today’s Good News: Stolen Dog Reunited With Owner After 13 Years



Karen Fox says her pet Yorkie, Connor, was stolen from her house 13 years ago. She searched and never found the dog, so she was shocked to get a call this month that the microchipped pet had been found. She’s now been reunited with the eight-pound pooch and says it’s “pure amazement” having him back. Source: New York Post


A mailman in Washington state is helping a little girl believe magic is real with an act of kindness. Five-year-old Alice Aardal wrote a letter to her mailman, who she’s never met, asking him to bring her a unicorn. A week later, he delivered a stuffed unicorn, a unicorn puzzle and a card to the delighted girl. Source: KOMO



Baltimore City Schools’ teachers will have masks when they return to the classroom soon. A restaurant owner started a fundraiser to buy masks for teachers and it grew to include donations from other local restaurants and businesses. In total, 20-thousand KN95 masks and more than 11-thousand blue surgical masks have been donated to Baltimore City Schools Source: Today


A Southwest Airlines employee found a boy’s Buzz Lightyear toy left behind on a plane and went “to infinity and beyond” to get it back to him. Ashley Davis says her two-year-old son, Hagen, left the toy when they landed in Dallas, luckily, a ramp agent found Buzz with the kid’s name on it and worked to return him. Buzz was returned to Hagen in a decorated box with photos of his “mission” at the airport. Source: ABC 10



An investor named Bill Ackman got in early on a company in South Korea that’s basically their Amazon.  (It’s called Coupang.)  And he just announced he’s donating all 27 million shares of his stock to charity . . . worth around $1.3 BILLION.


A hot dog place in Virginia called Perfectly Frank has a program called “Franks for Friends” where you can buy a meal for someone else to eat later.  They put your receipt on a bulletin board, so anyone can grab it and trade it in.  And so many people have done it, they’ve got a stockpile of receipts ready to go each day.  (Here’s a photo.)

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