February 25, 2021

Trader Joe’s Increases “Thank You” Pay For Workers Again

trader joe's


Trader Joe’s is raising wages for employees … again. The grocery store chain has been paying hourly workers an extra $2 an hour in what they call “thank you pay” since the start of the pandemic. Now they’re raising that to a total of an extra $4 an hour and the increase kicked in on Monday. Source: ABC 7


To help young people manage the depression, stress and anxiety they may be experiencing in the pandemic, Yale University is now offering it’s most popular online course to more than 500 low-income high school students for free. “The Science of Well Being” is the “happiness” course that teaches strategies to help protect mental health. Created by Yale professor Laurie Santos, the online class will be available at over 40 schools in 17 cities. Source: CNN


A church in Washington state has raised over $300-thousand to wipe out medical debt for people in six states in the Northwest. Members of Valley Real Life donated and the church teamed up with RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit that buys up and forgives medical debt. For each dollar donated, they’ll pay off $100 in medical debt, which means the church will now be able to pay off about $30-million with their help. Source: Fox News

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