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First, Congrats to Dan + Shay, who made chart history this week with their debut album, Where It All Began. It was the nation’s top-selling country album! Dan and Shay are the first duo to debut at number-one on the album chart since Soundscan started tracking. They are also number 6 on the Billboard 200 all-genre chart.

Next - Dan + Shay’s Dan Smyers  received minor injuries in a car accident in Nashville.  He tweeted, “Spent the day at the Vanderbilt Hospital Emergency Room after a car accident. Missing my guitar already.”  He reportedly will perform as scheduled, but can’t play guitar, so a fill-in will be used.  Hope you heal up soon!



kimberly-schlapman-kitchen-2a-hFrom GAC – Season 3 of Kimberly’s Simply Southern premiered Monday on GAC, and you may have noticed something different about the set. LITTLE BIG TOWN’S  Kimberly Schlapman is still the host — but unlike the first two seasons, she’s now filming the show in her own kitchen. Kimberly and her husband Stephen recently more than doubled the size of their kitchen, turning a former guest bedroom and bathroom into a gorgeous, “rustic meets calm” space.

Check out the pics of her new kitchen HERE


lanikai-beach25 Best Beaches in the U.S.

Only 1 of those listed is in California(Hint: it’s number 18)…Which one is it?

See the whole list plus pics




On Opening Day, baseball fans will devour over 150,000 hot dogs, 264,000 cups of beer, 32,250 servings of nachos, 146,000 cups of soda, 45,500 sausages, 25,000 pounds of peanuts, 16,500 slices of pizza, 9,000 bags of popcorn, 6,500 hamburgers and 12,500 orders of French fries.

The Red Sox are selling a Breakfast Burger featuring a fried egg burger with mozzarella, onions and special sauce

The Pirates are selling Tachos, which are Tater Tots with chili, spicy nacho cheese and scallions.

The Mariners are selling deep-fried cheese curds with honey.

The Rays are selling the Fan vs.Food Burger. It’s a four-pound burger with cheese, bacon, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and a pound of fries.

The Rangers are selling Frozen Beer for $7.75

The Cubs are selling Chicken and Waffles on a Stick


This is so not funny it’s funny…the Colombian President giving a re-election speech pees his pants.  Not sure if he knew it at the time, but he does now!   Watch VIDEO HERE









Here’s Red Robin’s new drink – It’s called the MANGO MOSCATO WINE SHAKE…Moscato wine, vodka, mango puree, and vanilla soft serve blended together. Would you try one?





Listen to this morning’s interview with Turtle Bay CEO Mike Warren…




How much would you pay for sneakers?

This Jimmy Choo women’s sneaker is $1,095.00…Yep…you read that right! The men’s version is also over $1000…Help…I want off this world!


htmlstd-585x36511% of Americans think HTML is a sexually transmitted disease…HINT: It’s not! It’s computer code…

Among the other findings in a survey:

  • 23% of respondents thought that “MP3″ was a robot in Star Wars.(Wrong, that’s R2D2 and C3P0)
  • 27% thought a “gigabyte” was an insect commonly found in South America.(It’s 1 Billion bytes of data)
  • 15% said that “software” is a type of comfortable clothing.
  • 18% said that a “blu-ray” is a marine animal.
  • 42% said that a “motherboard” is the deck of a cruise ship.
  • 12% thought “USB” was a nickname for a European Country.(Universal Serial Bus-the rectangular plug on your computer and other devices)

Finally, 77% didn’t know what S-E-O is. Me neither…it’s “search engine optimization”…OK, thanks for the geek-speak!


bath-sphere_mediumIt’s a hanging clear sphere bathtub…Whoa!

Read More about it HERE




article-0-19754F97000005DC-718_634x854Guys…Learn what makes you instantly hot?

Love kids?  Love animals? Got a 5 o’clock shadow? Low voice? Good Tipper?  Keep going…

Read the whole list of 31 items HERE